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Video Face Search Engine
Based on tens of millions of large-angle face samples and independent GPU deep learning optimization framework,
it can perform real-time analysis and fast search of massive non-standard videos taken by various types of equipment.
In addition, the recognition accuracy up to 99.7% is maintained even for large angles as 90 degree and partial occlusion on faces like masks.
Large-angle face recognition
Large-angle face recognition
Multi-format video support
Multi-format video support
Face recognition with mask
Face recognition with mask
Hundredfold analysis performance
Hundredfold analysis performance
Face real-time detection under extreme conditions
Extremely fuzzy, Low image quality, Full face real-time detection,
Extremely large angle horizontal deflection to 90 degrees, complete side face accurate recognition.
Super high recognition rate with mask
In the case of wearing mask:
The accuracy reaches 99.7%
The false positive rate can be kept below: 0.03%
Support multi-format non-standard video
Support multiple types of video sources of different shooting equipment,
intelligent adaptive to different device formats, shooting environment and video quality
Stationary Surveillance Video
Mobile Security Video
Internet Videos
Ultra real-time analysis multiple & Strong Scalability
The cost-effective edge AI computing box is up to 2 times real-time analysis rate,
which can be expanded to 100 times speed multi-machine multi-unit distributed system.
Furthermore, it can be flexibly deployed according to the demands, and can achieve second level search of millions level face database
Application Scene