WOSKAN 3D Vision Intelligence WOSKAN AI LIMITED | 3D Vision Intelligence WOSKAN,3D Vision Intelligence,3D Measurement,3D Object Measurement,Beauty Industry,3D,UCL360,UCL WOSKAN is an innovative technology company focusing on developing low cost and high accuracy 3D face modeling solution by scanning. The company develop own technology since founded, and have obtained more than 100 patents in the field of AI of 3D technology. WOSKAN commit to deploy the 3D face scanning technology on intelligent medical beauty industry, 3D face recognition, AR game, etc. WOSKAN become the world's leading provider of AI and 3D face modeling solution by scanning,UCL360,UCL...
use 3D connect people and world
WOSKAN 3D Camera
  • High precision ~0.1mm 3D face model
  • Cross platform viewer with dynamic lighting,view angle, shadow and backgrounds
  • Export OBJ, FLY, STL
  • 180 half head covered
  • Generated by single shot
  • High precision ~0.1mm
  • Cross platform photorealistic viewer
3D Camera Application
3D Face Scanning (Nearly 100% secure 3D Face recognition) ,3D Object Scanning(360° Scanning)
3D Camera Application