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Woskan attends Rockchip's Developer Conference
2019-05-10 00:00:00

On April 23, 2019, Rockchip held the 4th Spring of Rockchip Developers in Fuzhou, inviting well-known enterprises in AI artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, driverless, 3D intelligent vision and other industries to exhibit and exchange technology. As a strategic partner of Rockchip in the field of 3D intelligent vision, UNRE Technology was invited to participate in the event.

In this year's Spring of Developers, the theme of "Wisdom Enjoying the Future" attracted nearly 1000 developers and industry leaders, and many well-known companies with global influence attended the event. Dr. Sun, founder of UNRE AI Limited, is a world-renowned expert in the field of 3D intelligent vision and a successful successive entrepreneur who founded famous Silicon Valley high-tech enterprises such as Weitek, C-Cube and DVS. He gave a brilliant speech on the theme of "Connecting People with the World in 3D".

UNRE Technologies has launched a full stack UNRE AIO 3D intelligent vision development platform. It is a deep integration of UNRE 3D Senz intelligent vision algorithm engine and Rockchip 
 RK3399Pro AI chip. It can support multi-mode 3D cameras, pre-3D structured light and post-3D TOF. This paper introduces the full stack solution of 3D portrait processing and image compression, 3D object measurement, 4D video live broadcasting and TOF-SLAM, which attracts much attention.

3D has huge business opportunities in the future. The driving force for the explosive growth of the market comes from the maturity of 5G network, the upgrading of AI technology, the rise of multiple terminals, the popularization of smartphones supporting 3D cameras and the continuous expansion of 3D applications. The basic components of the 3D industry include shooting equipment, analytical processing tools and semantic tools for vertical applications, and display devices. Among them, the analysis and processing tools and semantic tools for vertical applications can also achieve some functions by using 2D, but the image information obtained by 2D imaging has the loss of feature information; 3D imaging is not only for photography, but also for depth information.

Reconstructing the real world to serve the follow-up human-computer interaction, 3D technology will bear a heavy responsibility, while the need for interaction has led to 3D imaging. The rapid development of arithmetic engine (including VLSI visual processor, DSP, NPU, GPU, FPGA), algorithm (including computer vision, artificial intelligence image processing, computer photography, computer graphics) and photoelectric technology (photoelectric technology for photography and display) has led to the rapid explosion of 3D industry.

The demand-driven effect of industrial upgrading will further expand the market scale of 3D industry, including 4D video communication in 5G era, trial-wear of new retail virtual 3D products, measurement and analysis of Beauty3D portraits and bodies, and precise 3D modeling and measurement of construction industry and manufacturing industry.

The product line of UNRE Technology has covered many fields such as new retail integrated machine, entertainment, medical treatment, security monitoring, industrial control, VR and so on. As a representative enterprise of 3D intelligent vision, UNRE has been keeping ahead of the product layout and constantly improving its influence and product competitiveness in the field of 3D vision.