WOSKAN 3D Vision Intelligence WOSKAN AI LIMITED | 3D Vision Intelligence WOSKAN,3D Vision Intelligence,3D Measurement,3D Object Measurement,Beauty Industry,3D,UCL360,UCL WOSKAN is an innovative technology company focusing on developing low cost and high accuracy 3D face modeling solution by scanning. The company develop own technology since founded, and have obtained more than 100 patents in the field of AI of 3D technology. WOSKAN commit to deploy the 3D face scanning technology on intelligent medical beauty industry, 3D face recognition, AR game, etc. WOSKAN become the world's leading provider of AI and 3D face modeling solution by scanning,UCL360,UCL...
instant 3d face capturer,powered with Point Cloud AI super resolution technology instant 3d face capturer,powered with Point Cloud AI super resolution technology
High Resolution 3D Face Modeling
Original Sensor Input (10K Tri)
Original Sensor Input (10K Tri)
AI Super Resolution(140K Tri)
AI Super Resolution(140K Tri)
AI Super Resolution<br/>Realistic Skin Rendering
AI Super Resolution
Realistic Skin Rendering
Instantly capture user’s face in 3D within 0.3 sec
3D face model of 140K facets, 10x from original sensor input
3D face mesh enhanced by proprietary AI super resolution technology
Realistic rendering with skin reflection and surface normal estimation from shading technology
Improve Face Recognition in Large Camera Angle
  • As face registration device in Unre Large Angle Improved Face Recognition System (contact us for ULAIFRS)
  • Recognition accuracy improved by 2X under large angle of surveillance cameras
  • Direct export captured 3D face models to ULAIFRS remotely
Virtual Glass Try-on in 3D
  • User can pick different glasses from touch screen and experience try-on immediately
  • Import 3D glass model in obj format
For Developers
  • Output 3D face models in average and high resolution, with 3D landmark locations ready
  • Unity plugin for developers in virtual try-on (glass, hair, eyebrow, lipstick, ear rings), game, AR/VR, makeup and 3D printing
Application Scene
Software Spec
Capture Time: 0.3 seconds (user frozen time)
Instant 3D Face Model Resolution : 10K triangles
Instant 3D Face Model Generation: 3 sec
3D Face Enhancement Time: 50 sec (M1) / 15 sec (M2)
Enhanced 3D Face Model Resolution: 140K triangles
Original Single RGB Resolution: 8M Pixels
Generated Face Texture Resolution: 1K x 1K
Face Capture Horizontal Range: Left ear to right ear
Face Capture Vertical Range: Entire head height
Render Effect: Surface normal estimation, skin reflection model
Viewing interaction: Skybox background, dynamic lighting & shadows and view angle by touch
Support Virtual Product Experience:3D Glass try-on
Support SDK Type: Unity plugin / Restful API
Output 3D Model File Format: OBJ Data Output: HTTP / USB
Hardware Spec
Capture Range:40~60cm in front of the touch screen
Product Size: 82x38x(51~63) cm, height adjustable
Package Size: 49x46x41 cm
Product / Package Weight: 5kg / 7kg
Depth Camera: Intel Realsense D410 x 3
RGB Camera: 8M Pixel USB Camera Module x 3
Platforms(M1): i3-8100, 8GB RAM, 64G SSD
Platforms(M2): i7-9700, 16GB RAM, 128G SSD
Processing OS: Windows 10 64 bits
Experience Display: 15.6 inch Touch Screen
Network Connection: Wifi and LAN
Power Supply(M1): 19V, 4.74A
Power Supply(M2): 19V, 7.9A
External Port: Power In, USB2.0 x 2, LAN